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THOTHEM is a new and 100% Belgian brand of design furniture. In the tables, closets, chairs, sofas and lighting fixtures, the solid oak’s energy meets the re ned, sophisticated pure forms. The pieces are strongly present in the room, but never obtrusive. They fit in with various interior design styles and contexts.

All our items of design furniture carry a PEFC-label. This means that for every tree felled to make our furniture, a new one is planted. Our furniture creations are generated from the holistic vision of the art director and the interior architect. This means that they will function in the space for which they are intended. They are sufficiently discreet to be combined with other elements, but also sufficiently impressive to offer an added value to every context and every interior style. Together with other pieces from the THOTHEM collection, they express the philosophy of the brand: a powerful but refined ode to the forms and materials of nature.

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