The look of the Kasaan cupboard brings serenity to your interior, while its generous storage space helps you to get your belongings organized. The legs of a Kasaan cupbard "embrace" its trunk, thus adding solidity to the concept and elegance to the design. The overall result is a fascinating interplay of lines.

The Kasaan portrait is as graceful as it is useful. Are you into pure design and straight lines ? Then perhaps the "floating" Kasaan landscape is more your cup of tea. A practical mind ? The Kasaan Side is both capacious and ergonomic.  The Kasaan wall and the Kasaan floor - the latter with adjustable foot - are less deep and less high. They are the summit of grace and style.

Thothem - Kasaan Landscape, Belgian oak furniture
Thothem - Kasaan Portrait, Belgian oak furniture
Thothem - Kasaan Side, Belgian oak furniture
Thothem - Kasaan Floor, Belgian oak furniture
Thothem - Kasaan Wall, Belgian oak furniture

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